Informação muito boa para quem usa o twitter

É pena os links serem para blogs ingleses, mas, para quem percebe inglês, vale a pena dar uma espreitadela a estes links que têm dicas muito boas principalmente para aqueles que são novos no twitter.

* How I Used Twitter to Earn 34,771 Unique Web Hits

* How to Write Magnetic Headlines

* 5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter

* How to Attract and Influence People on Twitter (The Ultimate Twitter Resource)

* Yo Tweeps! Check Headup on Twitter…

* The last link, here bellow, is a link to download the headup firefox extension

* Headup: The Semantic Web

Firefox addon that gets you cool & important information about your friends & interests & cuts down your search time. Play the music & videos you discover in Headup's interface without interfering with you're browsing.

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