Anúncios banidos

Não percebo muito bem porque é que estes anúncios foram banidos. Se fosse nos Estados Unidos, onde existe um grande puritanismo, ainda percebia, mas há uma série deles que são da Europa onde há mais abertura de espírito..
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Ad for an Irish TV show on the TG4 network.
This advertisement for Durex performa condoms featured inflated condoms arranged to form the words "roger more". EasyJet suffered complaints objected that the advertisement was offensive because it trivialized the recent war in Iraq.
This campaign from the French anti-smoking organisation Droits des Non Fumeurs compares smoking among teenagers to forced oral sex. The campaign in fact was trying to make an analogy of the submissive nature of these two things. The images showed teenagers kneeling down to suck cancer sticks, like they unwillingly perform oral sex.
This is probably the most controversial advertisement to ever run in GamePro, and it came straight from Sega's marketing department. Readers pelted the GamePro editors with hate mail and threatened to cancel their subscriptions when this two-page centerfold ran in 1996 promoting the Sega Saturn gaming system.

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