Instituição para doentes mentais no Kosovo

As fotografias são espantosas, mas a realidade é triste. É difícil de aceitar que em pleno século 21 ainda se tratem os doentes mentais de uma forma tão desumana.

Black and White Photos Of A Mental Institution In Kosovo

This black and white photos are just to disturbing. I believe that when you see them you will share my opinion too. This photos are made in South part of Serbia-Kosovo. This photos are taken in the mental institution, and you will get to see that most of the people are with some physical disability too. The conditions are terrible and this people don’t get the proper medical care. Kosovo is asking for independence and wants to be an European country with all the rights which an independent country has, but they are not giving the rights for the people who are living there. The majority in Kosovo are Albanians for more than forty years now. Should anything be given to the people who are not taking care of their own people?

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